Prompt 14: To Whom it May Concern: A Farewell





Dear Information,

I must admit, when I first met you, I was intrigued. There was so much to you! You entertained me, you made me laugh and you educated me. I found you in libraries, books, newspapers and selected magazines. I even sought you out on television and radio, even though I blush to remember seeking you out on such relatively unreliable sources.

I don’t know exactly when I first began to tire of you, although it may have begun with the coming of the internet. I remember those early days of that horrible sound that accompanied my attempts to connect to the internet using dial-up. So often it failed, but I was in search of you and so I persisted. High speed internet, then WiFi appeared and still I searched for you. The search was faster, but I began to recognize that your quality had begun to diminish. I no longer looked forward to perusing the internet in search of you. Days went by when I avoided the computer entirely.

I could no longer believe that finding out about the latest Kardasian caper, or Justin Bieber escapade truly qualified as valuable Information.

I’m sorry, Information. It does sadden me that any further searches in which I participate will be more focused and purposeful. This means I may not see you as often, but I will never forget you. I hope we can remain friends.





6 thoughts on “Prompt 14: To Whom it May Concern: A Farewell

  1. Ruminations, I would love to read your blogs but they are password protected and I can’t get in. You have one that was not password protected so I read it. Liked it. Would like to read more.


    • I did go a little overboard with the passwords for the first five Writing 101 assignments. I’ll list the passwords for those below. The password for posts beginning with # 6 are all the same ( Writing 101) and I post it on the Commons. I will try to remove the password for more of the posts, but so far I have not been successful. I’ll keep working on it! Here are the passwords for the first five posts:


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