Prompt 18: Hone Your Point of View: The Eviction

Wow. Police cars – two of ’em. Wonder what they’re doing? Hey, they’re stopping at Mrs. Pauley’s house!  Two police guys and that other guy are going up to the door. Wonder who he is? Never saw him before. Now he’s knocking on the door, really loud and yelling Mrs. Pauley’s name. Those two police officers are standing right behind him. There’s Mrs. Pauley. She looks real scared. She’s crying, but the guy just looks at her and says something that makes her cry even more. Then he hands her a yellow paper. She doesn’t want to take it. She’s shaking her head back and forth.

The guy steps back and the police step up to Mrs. Pauley. She cries some more, then one of the police guys takes her arm and they walk toward the car. The police guy is talking to her, not loud, and she is listening. The police guy opens the back door of one of the care and she sits down with her legs hanging out the side. The police guy gives her some water and she shakes her head yes as he talks. He gives her some tissue and she blows her nose. Then the police guy takes out a phone and hands it to Mrs. Pauley and she makes a call.

The other guy has gone into Mrs. Pauley’s house. A few minutes later a guy in a yellow van comes. He talks to the other guy, then he gets some tools out of his van and takes the doorknob off Mrs. Pauley’s front door.

Mrs. Pauley gives the phone back to the police guy. A green car with a kind of circle sign on the door pulls up and a lady gets out. The lady walks over to Mrs. Pauley and shows her something. Mrs. Pauley nods, the she stands up and they go back to the car and drive away.

The police leave and the guy fixing the door leaves. The other guy goes into Mrs. Pauley’s house.

Nothing happens for a while, then a junky old truck drives up into Mrs. Pauley’s driveway. Two real big guys get out and go up to the house. The other guy comes out, then they all go into Mrs. Pauley’s house.

After while, the big guys come out carrying some of Mrs. Pauley’s stuff and they throw it into the junky truck and go back to the house. They’re taking her stuff!

I’m scared. I don’t know what Mrs. Pauley did. Does this mean they’ll come throw our stuff out and take us away? My mom comes out on the porch.

“Alan. Come inside.”

“Mom, what’s happening?”

Prompt 17: Your Personality on the Page: Fear; It’s an Age Thing

This assignment was troublesome for me. I have spent too much time in the last seven months dealing with fears, both real and imagined, and I needed a break, so this one is not my best, and it’s a little light on the development. But, since one of my fears is the failure to complete a task, here is the post.

Fear is an age thing – different fears for different stages of life:

Six years old – What lurks behind that door? Is that a monster under my bed? If I go outside in the dark will I get lost?

Ten years old – Will anyone like me? When my family moves, will I make new friends?

Fourteen – I don’t want to be dorky, but I need an A in math. What happens if I fail? What happens if the other kids call me a dork?

Twenty-four – I need this job. I know I can do it. Why are there so many people interviewing? What will happen if they don’t hire me?

Thirty-four – My kids are sick. I can’t send them to school. If I stay home, my boss might be angry and I could lose my job. What can I do?

Forty-four – I love my job, but I am so tired! I need time off. I need a life!

Fifty-five – Ten years until retirement. Will I make it?

They say we have nothing to fear, but fear itself. I disagree. There’s plenty out there to fear, and it will find you!