In Praise of Binge Watching

I’ve had a cold the last few days – one of those colds that makes you think it was a mistake not to have invested heavily in Kleenex stock, herbal tea, honey, zinc tablets, or home remedy books.

One benefit of having such a cold is that little is expected of you. You can’t cook, clean, or think, for that matter. What you can do is watch television.

Because there is a tendency to fall asleep when you have a cold, I recommend choosing the most mindless program possible. That way, you won’t miss anything important.

In my case, one of the channels available to me specializes in re-runs of classic shows ranging from The Lone Ranger (in black and white!) to more modern shows circa 1996. With the help of a DVR, I can record five to seven episodes of a given series one day, then binge watch the next. (Oh, the wonders of technology!)

This is perfect for me. In my “coldy” state, I do not have to bother with the complexity of DVDs, or streaming video, or even changing the channel.

I am really hoping to get over this cold soon, so I can watch something that requires my attention.


Cold Survival Kit Circa 2015


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