Braggin’ Time

This very short post amounts to bragging, something my Methodist upbringing tells me is always unwarranted.  But, here it goes.

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) has an online newsletter for its members titled  SCBWI Insight. It features interviews with agents, publishers, authors and information about publishing, along with several other features. One of the features is Write This!  A new writing prompt is featured each month. The charge is to write to the prompt in 50 words or less. The next month, several of the prompts are featured in the newsletter. They usually publish the top two in the newsletter and they have a gallery of the top submissions for that month.

I submitted my entry for the November newsletter, and it was one of the two published in the newsletter. The prompt was  “. . . a stranger entered. ”

I was very pleased. I guess this means I can no longer introduce myself as a “pre-published” author. Amazing what 50 words can do!

I embellished my entry slightly for one of my recent posts, but here is the original:

The door flew open and a large figure lurched into the room. It stopped and glared at me, then lumbered to the bookshelf, grabbed a small volume, ripped out a page, wadded it up and swallowed it whole. “Good book,” it belched as it left the room.

If you write for children, or want to write for children, including YA, SCBWI is the organization for you. You can find them at


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