The Parton/Spock Continuum

I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about men and women relationships lately. They are truly puzzling at times. I’ve also been thinking a lot about politics- also truly puzzling but that is true all the time.

I’ve come up with a technique for thinking about men/women relationship based on a rather archaic political technique. This particular technique is called a “semantic differential scale”.  It was used in olden days before twitter, the internet, instagram, netfllix and cell phones by political scientists who attempted to determine public opinion about certain candidates  or issues by interviewing “subjects” and recording their answers to specific questions on a continuum.

I’m told they actually used to do this by telephoning people using a “land line” between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., and that the people subjected to the calls actually answered and participated in the survey!

A very simplified political “semantic differential scale” might look something like this:

Liberal __________1_________2______ 3________4_________5________6____________ Conservative

The questioner had a series of descriptive words, some considered liberal, and some conservative.  For example the question might be, Do you consider candidate X a tight-wad (Conservative) or a mindless spendthrift (Liberal) . Depending on how the subject responded, an X would be placed on the continuum at a certain point and the results would be entered by a data entry drone into a sparkling new, state of the art Tandy computer.

My “relationship semantic differential” is a little less complicated:

Dolly Parton_______1________2__________3____________4____________5_______ Mr. Spock

Dolly Parton is cute, bubbly, giggly, not overtly serious.

Mr. Spock is analytical, logical to a fault, and has no sense of humor.

This semantic differential is used in a different way. it is self-administered, and the results are for personal use only. When you are considering a relationship with someone, this just might be a useful tool. (or not).