Search for an Agent (with apologies to Search For Tomorrow)

For forty-five years the popular American soap opera, Search For Tomorrow, appeared faithfully each afternoon on U.S. television. I, of course, never watched; but what was amazing about this program was its longevity. It never gave up, even when it really should have. It would be interesting, or maybe just frustrating, to do a plot map of the almost never-ending story on Search For Tomorrow.

For those of you who missed the great Soap Opera era, there are modern-day substitutes. (Did you watch Lost, or Grey’s Anatomy?)

I should take comfort in the history of the soap operas. I am trying to find an agent for my book.  I have spent days researching potential agents and drafted numerous query letters.  I’ve looked at Facebook pages, blogs, twitter and LinkedIn. I’m beginning to feel that I know more about potential agents that I really should.

My usually fairly organized desk has disappeared. Covered by a layer of papers, books, pens and coffee mugs. But, like the Soap Opera, I will never give up! (At least not yet.)



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