Confessions of a Purse-Challenged Traveler


I have purse issues. I have so much “vital” stuff in my purse, that it is non-functional, especially when I am traveling.  I have tried weighing my purse, then removing several items until it is light enough to avoid dislocating my shoulder or putting my hand to sleep. I have tried using teeny-tiny purses that hold only a small comb, a five dollar bill and one kleenex. I have used super-organizers that have a place for everything, but will not accommodate a modern cell-phone or my sunglasses case.

I have concluded that my purse-dysfunction is due to two beliefs: 1) My purse is my life, so of course I need everything with me at all times and 2) My purse is not just my purse, it is a family and friends tote bag. How many times have you heard “I don’t have a pocket. Would you mind putting this in your purse until we get home?”


A sample of my current purse wardrobe.






One thought on “Confessions of a Purse-Challenged Traveler

  1. I have very similar issues. I have found that a sack purse is the best because I can throw everything in and not go through each zipper trying to remember where I put stuff. I’m interested to hear other comments and tips


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