Self Pity and KFAT

I’m at one of those places in life referred to as a “cross road.” After completing the three-hundred-fiftieth revision of my children’s book manuscript, I have a decision to make: do I continue to search for the elusive agent/publishers using the normal process (writing endless letters pleading for someone to at least read my manuscript before rejecting it) or, do I self-publish?

Both routes require hard work, patience and time. Neither guarantee success or satisfaction. This might be one of those situations where the only reasonable choice is “none of the above.” “None of the above” means making a large bowl of popcorn and settling down in front of the TV to binge watch bad movies. That’s right – a full-scale Pity Party!

When I’m tempted to do this, I remember KFAT. Back in the olden days (before 2000), KFAT was a small FM radio station that could be heard in some parts of Santa Clara County, California. Like most FM stations, it had a very short broadcast range. We could pick it up while traveling north on highway 101 for just a few minutes before driving out of range.

It had a large library of satirical  country western songs. The music was great, the voices were outrageously twangy and the lyrics were positively silly. You couldn’t help but smile and sing along when you heard it. My favorite was Boney Fingers. The chorus was “Work your fingers to the bone, and what da ya get? Boney fingers!”

I think I’ll save the popcorn for later.



4 thoughts on “  Self Pity and KFAT

  1. I am also writing to agents. I figure it doesn’t hurt to send one or two (I’ve already sent about 30) . You just never know when it’s the right agent or the right timing. I have a friend who has self published and it’s so much marketing work. Lol. For now I think it’s easier to just send the query and brace for the inevitable rejection. At this point I’ve nothing to lose but time and it keeps me humble.


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