Travel Tips – The 15 Day Cruise

My Best Friend in the World and I recently returned from a fifteen day cruise to Hawaii. Hawaii is a uniquely beautiful place – everything I thought it would be. The photo above was taken in Hilo. We toured a tropical botanical garden in Hilo, visited The Arizona and Mighty Mo  at Pearl Harbor, went on a fantastic helicopter ride over Kauai, and dove 130 feet down in a submarine off Maui.

I’ve learned that there are certain essentials you should remember when going on a such a long cruise. They are:

  1. pack as much patience as you can, then add a little more.
  2. take a large supply of compassion.
  3. pack  lots of underwear.

You will need patience traveling with a large group. There is a certain amount of “hurry up and wait.” It helps to remind yourself that this is a vacation and you are there to break out of your usual routine. It is not meant to be just like home. You can have good conversations with your fellow “waiters”. They often have interesting stories and you may never have the opportunity to talk to them again.

Be understanding. Show compassion for those you meet. Realize that staff members work hard. Don’t expect perfection every minute. It really isn’t evident of moral failing if the Steward forgot to leave mints on your pillow Wednesday night. If the toilet leaks, report it to guest services and let them take care of it. Don’t complain bitterly that the staff “let the toilet leak.” Things happen – even on a vacation.

If you are on a ship for fifteen days, adequate clean underwear is a must. You do not want to do a load of laundry  on the ship. Let’s just say, people are not always at their best standing in a cramped laundry mat for an hour and a half waiting to use a drying. This can be  drain on your supply of patience and compassion.

A close-up of one of the 1,500 species of orchids in Hawaii.

After we  returned from our tour on the submarine, we were given a chance to film the submarine as it submerged with  the next group of visitors.  Here is a short video.