A Reading List for Our Time (Warning – Politics Ahead)

We live in puzzling times, particularly in the U.S.  It is difficult to determine what is the result of a disinformation campaign and what is real. We suffer from verbal whiplash in trying to follow the reasoning behind public statements of our officials. We live in Topsy-Turveyville (yes, I know not a real word). In order to help deal with this confusion, I have developed a suggested reading list built around the classics.

1) Hugh Lofting  Dr. Doolittle – while the title is apt, focusing on one of Dr. Doolittle’s animals, the pushmi-pullyu can be  particularly helpful in understanding how the legislative process works. (We have many of them in congress.)

2) Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. While most of the characters are amusing and confusing, I find the Mad Hatter particularly interesting. (I think he has a political future!)

3) George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. (Cautionary  tales- ’nuff said)

4) Jonathan Swift – Gulliver’s Travels – This seems to be the current basis for U.S. foreign policy.