Confessions of a Cat Mom


I have two resident cats, plus one that drops by for breakfast and dinner on the front porch most weekdays. I live in suburbia near a wooded area and a creek, a perfect place  for a burgeoning feral cat population.

In spite of county animal control and a very dedicated cat rescue group, we are flooded with cute kitties every May. My two cats were rescued as kittens as was their mother. All were taken to a vet, spayed, given initial vaccinations, taken in to recuperate by the local rescue group and then returned to my backyard. I have no regrets. They have proven to be delightful companions for the past five years;  but I fear I am in danger of becoming a full-fledged Cat Mom.

It’s not just that I talk to my cats, I do (but at least so far they have not talked back) -it’s the paraphernalia that accompanies cat “ownership.” The bags of kitty food, the kitty toys and the bedding can be overwhelming.

And then, there’s this.  A few days ago, Mom cat showed up for her evening meal. She will only eat on the front porch and does not stay around to socialize afterwards. It was a cool evening, so I left the front door open, but closed the screen door. When I checked on her later, she was curled up on the front door mat where she could see into the living room, purring loudly. A pretty nice thank you from a very skittish cat.


Just a nice picture to contemplate.

Sunset over the Great Lakes