The Family – 3rd in a series of Those who inspire

Mr. Nguyen and his family arrived in the United States from Vietnam in 1988. After a long wait in a refugee camp, Mr. Nguyen, his wife and children were given visas to relocate in the United States. Mr. Nguyen had served in the South Vietnam Army and this permitted him and his immediate family to go to the United States. Other members of his extended family went to Canada and Australia where they joined family members who had immigrated earlier and were able to sponsor them.

The Nguyen family had been fishermen in Vietnam. Not likely to make enough money to support a family by fishing as they did in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen and his family formed a gardening service. That business has lasted over thirty years.

In spite of the family being scattered over two continents, they were determined to be true to their culture and family traditions. Mr. Nguyen’s parents remained in Vietnam after all five sons and their families emigrated. The brothers worked hard to arrange visits to their ageing parents. When the parents passed away, the brothers pooled their resources and time to build a memorial to their parents in Vietnam.

Life has not been easy for the family. They are hard working and resourceful. Family members support each other. Living in Canada, Australia and the U.S. has given them a better life than they would have had in Vietnam. Their presence has enriched us as well.