The typical way of celebrating Thanksgiving is not in the cards for this year due to the Covid 19 virus, but we can all do our own version, celebrate in a new way. Maybe in spite of, or maybe because of the virus and all the other troubles we have seen in 2020, counting our blessings and giving thanks seems more urgent. A neighbor of mine celebrated Halloween by decorating the front yard with ghosts, jack-0-lanters and a gravestone inscribed “RIP 2020.”

So, here it goes, my list of things and people I am thankful for:

My family – small in number and widely scattered, we still stay in touch

My Guy- I’m so glad we found each other!

My critique group – writing is a solitary activity and being able to share that process is necessary in order to keep going

Every grocery clerk, shelf-stocker, farm worker, truck driver and restaurant worker. They are all truly amazing.

Gardeners, plumbers, carpenters, retail workers

Every public health worker, doctors, nurses, janitors, nurse’s aids, office receptionists

Teachers, school office workers, custodians, bus drivers

Small business owners and clerks of all types.

People who voted and helped us realize that we still live in a democracy.

Let’s hope that 2021 will see us move forward. We have a tremendous amount of re-building to do, but we will succeed.