About Me

Hi Everyone –

I am a former teacher, administrator, educational consultant and an aspiring author of children’s books. The importance of reading to and with children was brought home to me early on. As a high school student, I was an assistant in my church’s nursery. We cared for the very youngest children while their parents attended services. I soon discovered the power a good story had to calm and entertain!

I went on to teach kindergarten through eighth grade and adult classes in English as a Second Language (ESL).  Over the years I developed and tended a fairly large classroom library. When I left teaching, I gave away most of the books, but kept a few of my favorites for my own library.

Now, I am writing my own children’s books. My first book is a chapter book. It is a book a child could read on their own, but also one that an adult could enjoy reading to  or with a child.

When I’m not writing, I am trying to be a gardener. Unfortunately, due to the help of my “co-gardeners” (several Western Gray Squirrels and a flock of turkeys), I have not yet been particularly successful, but hope springs eternal !

I would love to hear from you.


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I hope to be able to visit your blog again, but I’m concerned that I might not know how to read your selections since they are password protected. I found this because of the blogging 101 assignment so the password was on my e-mail. I’ll have to learn more about password protected blogs I guess. Anyway I’m keeping your address so I can visit again. I guess I’ll either read or complain depending on whether or not I get you! I like your About.


    • Hi Oneta,
      From you subsequent comments, it looks like you were able to get through. I confess, I did go a little crazy with the passwords for the first 5 assignments. Last night I posted those passwords, and for the remainder of the assignments I will use just one password. I’ll put that on the commons website when I post assignment 6. Thank you for patience!


    • Thanks for your comment! I haven’t placed any of my children’s stories on-line because I am hoping to find a publisher for my chapter books. Usually they will not consider writing that has been published on a blog.


      • Yes, I know that. I have a few stories I am hoping to publish as well, and I didn’t put them online. Well, if/when you publish them you will have to let me know!


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